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Technology Campus in Halle / Saale where Nanoptics is located


Large format Roll-to-Roll and Roll-to-Plate Nano-Imprint Technology

Hamburg-Buchholz, Halle/Saale

Halle / Saale (Germany)

Halle / Saale (Germany)

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Nanoptics is a private company, based in Halle Germany. We have a strong expertise in nano and micro structured surfaces. With our unique team of experts across the entire process chain we can control the entire process from the simulation, the design, mastering, tooling and production. Our in house development large format nano imprint Roll-to-Roll and Roll-to-Plate system is setting a mile stone in the NIL industry.

Our focus is set on the design and development of customised solutions for large format nano structured substrates like film or glass.

We also have an extensive internal R&D programme in order to develop new structures for emerging markets. The company has established a revolutionary technology platform for the coating of materials and surfaces with nano-structures.

The process of coating ensures significant cost savings for the highest quality. Given the high degree of innovation of the development funds in considerable amount at EU and national level have been raised